At Least You Don’t Live Here

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Sometimes honesty is the best policy. But I really don’t think that sign is going to help you sell that house, bud.


Pool Parties Just Got a Whole Lot Safer…For Your Phone.

It used to be so much fun to throw people into a pool (my preferred method is the One-Handed-Shove-Walk-By). But with the invention of cell phones and smart phones, the idea of being tossed into that chlorinated water while fully clothed can cause even the meekest individuals to Hulk out. Well, iPhone users, you just got all sorts of toss worthy with this new contraption.

The Keystone ECO Marine Case protects your iPhone and can go underwater up to 20 feet. It’s fully functional and can take picture and videos. It’s also available for a measly $40.

So, whether you’re tired of buying those disposable cameras on vacation so you can snap some pictures of a Manta Ray or your friends just really hate you and constantly throw you into water, this seems like a pretty good investment.

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Their Name Shall Be Fluffington

Dance, Chinchy, dance! Dance your little heart out!

Wake Up, Internet

“Oh hey. There’s a fight happening on the train. God, these chips are really good. I’m a pretty big guy, maybe I should go do something. But god…these chiiiiiiiips. What do they put in these chips??? Oh, shit. I better do something. That dude just kicked that lady. I KNOW. I’ll stand between them and keep eating these chips. It’s a win-win. I should break up every fight by eating chips! I THINK I’M ONTO SOMETHING HERE.”

Morning Update


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Youtube user Plainluke (aka Luke Dick) gives us his ode to Lady Gaga with a cover of Paparazzi. I hope someday I’m famous enough to have someone sing creepy versions of my songs to me while staring at me on the tv and sealing weird envelopes all old-timey like.

Mama Done Raised You Right

The last thing that 13 year old Jeremy Wuitschick from Yakima, WA set out to do this morning was to drive a bus. But drive a bus he did, after his bus driver began flailing and gasping for air. Wuitschick says that he was merely “acting on instinct” and by the time police had arrived, Wuitschick already had the situation under control, pulling the bus over in front of Discovery Primary School.

The youth is not completely lost. For this, we thank you.

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Total Recap


Peru miners trapped while government is asking for assistance from private mining companies; Diplomat Guillermo Cholele of Costa Rica kidnapped in Venezuela; North Korea preparing to carry out underground nuclear tests, South Korea worried; Mali’s president, Amadou Toumani Touré, resigns after coup; [VIDEO] Syrian government demands written guarantees to end attacks from opposition, doubts grow over ceasefire; Rebels reject new Syria plan.


California GOP Primaries could determine new candidates, get duped for campaign money; Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says financial stability work in progress; Kentucky hunters on the search for Big Foot; George Zimmerman finally speaks, trying to raise funds for defense; Romney pulls Santorum ads for Santorum’s ill daughter.


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This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Golf Game, Son

With Bubba Watson fresh off the win of the 2012 Masters, we get a sneak peek into life behind the scenes of a golfer (which means dressing up in flamboyant outfits and playing golf in slo-mo). This masterpiece, originally published in June 2011, features young pros Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and Ben Crane. And by masterpiece I really mean WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH GOLFERS?

Fortunately, for every 100,000 views, Farmer’s Insurance is donating $1000 to their respective charities. The song is also available on iTunes. So click play and then mute it…or don’t.

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We’re about to feel this awesome


Hey all!

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